Von Major

Von Major is a producer of a wide range of amber and other gems beads. Established 11 years ago, it mostly specializes in making and carving bracelet and necklace beads out of Baltic amber. In the last years, it started to produce other gems and natural pearl beads as well. Baltic amber has 240 colors but only 7 are main ones, thats why there are so many awesome colors and landscape beads in selection. Amber raw stones are made by nature around 35-50 million years ago, and each stone is "one of a kind". It's also a very interesting hobby and easy to keen on with the beads' making process. Every year, Von Major beads are getting more and more loved and wanted all around the world for their fabulous colors, great quality, incredibly nice look and even for supposed hidden healing purposes. "Best job is Your hobby, You never get tired of what You do and each day will be a new challenge for new ideas, for new models", Von Major while laughing says "Diamonds were a girl's best friends, before amber bracelet beads arrived!"
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