Elfbeads was created by Paul Krans in 2013, with the vision to create a brand with different designs in both glass and silver beads. The production is based in the Netherlands. From design to finished piece, each stage of the process takes place in this small and unique country.
Opposite to other brands, Elfbeads mainly focuses on glass design. The Spring collection brings more glass and silver beads to complete the collection to around 200 pieces. And also unlike other brands, Elfbeads will have a smaller collection, so it can focus on more exclusive designs.
Each bead is handcrafted and finished to the highest standard using the best materials and techniques. The premium quality glass beads are made of the best glass from all over the world and are fitted with a universal core to fit all European bracelets. The silver beads are made from (925) sterling silver and finished to the highest standard.

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